Jr. Feature
How many days must I wait until I see my picture in “View It”? In how many countries is Jr. read?  Some eye-popping numbers about your favorite magazine

By Shira Yehudit Djalilmand

Jolly Solly
“The mayor, together with Jr., is delighted to invite you to a special show in the town square featuring the famous clown, Jolly Solly”

By R. Atkins

Off the Record
Up close and personal with some famous Jr. personalities

By Chaya Rosen

Story Time
At that moment, another boom shook the ship and they could hear terrified screams from above

By Y. Bromberg

Double Dance
Her husband’s chest expanded as he filled it with air then deflated when he released it. “It’s your call, Leah. She’s your daughter”

By Bracha Rosman

Out of Step
I speak only because no one else does. “Um, Naftoli? What do you mean, you’re ‘not going’?"

By Ariella Schiller

“Ma’s busy. She has work soon, she can’t come running just because you have a headache. Take a Tylenol and deal with it. Grow up"

By Rochel Samet

Second Thoughts
Perhaps here we have a new meaning for the word shehecheyanu

By Rabbi Emanuel Feldman

On Topic
What triggers and exacerbates self-consciousness — and how can you overcome it?

By Miriam Bloch

This flavorful, meaty soup adds a sophisticated touch to your seudah. Pair it with chicken-filled kreplach for a real Purimdik feel. 

By Faigy Grossman

Moving Forward
“The interviewer called her and told her I’m accepted. They feel I’m the perfect fit and chose me as the one they want!”

By Estie Samson

Rocking Horse
Hannah lifts the stool and puts it down just to Sarah’s side. She opens the seat to see the music. Beethoven. Mozart. Wagner

By Leah Gebber

Why the Mishkan was created from these three metals

By Faigy Peritzman