Jr. Feature
Do you know how the parchment for sifrei Torah are made? Have you ever seen how esrogim are grown? Join Jr. reporters on a journey to learn more about these mitzvos

By Jr. Contributors

Jr. Feature
In 1939, when Forrest Fenn was nine years old, he found his first treasure. It was a small arrowhead

By Sivi Sekula

Story Time
“We don’t invest our energies into harming others. That’s not the Torah way”

By Y. Bromberg

50 Reasons
I looked around at all the boys in my class taking out rolls and pitot, and get this — the most popular aruchat eser food was a chocolate sandwich!

By Ariella Stern

Double Dance
Rikki couldn’t answer. How could she? She had just found out that a huge chunk of her life was a lie

By Bracha Rosman

Story Supplement
“I seriously cannot believe she scheduled a major test the week of Teen Thrill’s sale. I heard they have really cute sweaters. I’m really upset”

By Jr. Writers

Personal Accounts
Mendel and Esther will not leave their child. Even though she’s an adult. Even though she’s being completely irrational.

By Shoshana Neumann

Personal Accounts
“Daddy. Couldn’t you have waited so we could say goodbye?”

By Shifra Leah Kahn

On Site
When repairing a Torah scroll, every stitch holds a story

By Reuven Pride

“If we were at a restaurant, another dessert would be an additional ten dollars. But at home it’s still from the same $4.99 pint”

By Esther Kurtz

All I Ask
"We’re running a business here, not a homeless shelter. My father has a soft heart for people like that, but we can’t always be taking in these misfits"

By Ruti Kepler

“The mommy you want to take you doesn’t exist,” Leah hissed, suddenly brutal. “Mommy will not dress you fit to be seen, baby. Her taste is gone”

By Riki Goldstein