Jr. Feature
Everyone’s in place — the plaintiff, defendant, the jury, court reporter, court clerk. It’s time for the court proceedings to begin

By Rochel Burstyn

50 Reasons

By Ariella Stern

Story Time
All the Jewish communities were living in utter terror because of this one, atrocious sorcerer. Something had to be done, but who could fight this powerful enemy?

By Y. Bromberg

Double Dance
“No,” Rikki said. Her mother’s unease made her wary. “But my birthday is coming up, so I just thought that maybe…” Her voice trailed off

By Bracha Rosman

The Road Home
It takes a few days for me to realize something about this new house. Sissika is not here. She didn’t come. We didn’t bring her

By Malka Winner

Out of Step
I need to rush home, do homework, go out for Chinese with Goldie, a long-standing Monday night tradition, and — sigh — apologize to Ma about not listening to her explain what happ ...

By Ariella Schiller

This salmon is easy, delicious, and full of creamy flavor in each bite

By Brynie Greisman

These apple bars are perfect for a kiddush or dessert.

By Brynie Greisman

Whether it was the beard — Soviet Russians showed extra respect to bearded men — or the merit of mesirus nefesh for Yom Tov, Shlomo Klapper got out of jail that night

By Tzivia Meth

Family First Feature
On January 1, thousands of Jewish men will dance in joyous celebration of the completion of Talmud Bavli. But they couldn’t have done it without the equal devotion of their wives

By Sandy Eller

Point of View
Rebbe Nachman teaches us how we can win a favorable judgment

By Rabbi Moshe Grylak zt"l

Family First Feature
She was fascinated by bees and dreamed of owning her own hive. Could that dream possibly come true in middle of the city? One family’s beekeeping adventures

By Naomi Elbinger