Story Time
“You’ve got the eye patch, you’re the kidnapper!” Adin bellowed, jabbing his finger into the man’s face. “Where are you hiding her?”

By Yehuda Bromberg


By Jr. Writers

True Colors
I dread when people want to play Jewish geography. I know, I know. That “game” is like a national pastime in Klal Yisrael. But for me, it’s guaranteed to make me a loser

By Malka Winner

Every person is unique, with special strengths and gifts. Can you sing, play a musical instrument, draw, act, or speak well? Here are four stories of kids and adults with unique t ...

By Jr. Writers

Air Force One is like a flying presidential office, ready to travel anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice

By Margie Pensak

A classic Pesach snack to add to your family's repertoire.

By Esther Ottensosser

#In A Word
The strong trees protruding through the snow and the sun shining through the shadows are a reminder to me that Hashem always provides us with strength and warmth in the coldness o ...

By Mishpacha Contributors

What happens when you take two complete strangers and have them spend a few hours together? Does the time fly by, or is the evening strained and awkward? Family First matched up f ...

By Elisheva Appel

As I enter the waiting room of the Rebbe of Sanz-Klausenberg, I get my first signs that the inhabitant of this building has a very different currency, one far more eternal than th ...

By Aryeh Ehrlich

“Abba, you just have to show the gorilla that you respect his personal territory, and the gorilla will respect you back”

By C. Saphir

#In A Word
If I had to describe the atmosphere at this dinner in Wiesenthal's honor, I would say it was this overwhelming sense of “we have won”

By Mishpacha Contributors