In Variations, I give readers different ways of preparing each dish — whether it’s by changing the ingredients or by changing the presentation. I hope my recipes inspire your cook ...

By Daniella Silver

A deliciously crunchy salmon recipe

By Daniella Silver

News In Depth
Arab fighter Youssef Haddad goes to battle for Israel

By Yaakov Plavinsky

Global View
This is all assuming that Iran wants to build a nuclear weapon to use it, which is not at all obvious

By Gershon Burstyn

Global View
Across the West, Islamic and far-right anti-Semitism are both major threats. For Jews, this shouldn’t be about right and left — just about being caught in the middle

By Gedalia Guttentag

All I Ask
“You’ve taken away my last pleasure in life. What could be more harmful than that?” Musa croaked

By Ruti Kepler

Text Messages
If you truly love G-d, you will hate evil with a burning passion, because He abhors it so

By Eytan Kobre

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By Riki Goldstein