Family First Serial
“A music video, huh? How trendy,” Bracha said sardonically. She raised an eyebrow. “Ayala’s okay with this?”

By Gila Arnold

Works for Me
My personal mission was: “Prevent other 18-year-olds from spending a decade figuring it out”

By Shaina Keren

Menachem Weinreb, creative director at Mishpacha since 2009
A Better You
Although poor posture can worsen existing scoliosis, it will not cause it to develop

By Family First Contributors

I stand taller yet, flash a smile to 20 upturned faces. Sweet little ten-year-olds. I’ll miss you, girlies

By Chavie Berg

 I head straight for the schoolbags. They’ve been eyeing me since school ended

By Sarah Senders