From My Table
Our ultimate goal is for every one of our readers to find something here that works for them, whether it’s presented on a paper plate or on fine china.

By Chanie Nayman

A Heaping Scoop
Does coffee need a hechsher?

By FamilyTable Contributors

The nuttiness of the pesto really enhanced the roasted cauliflower, and both flavors blended perfectly with the potato puff. Add the juicy tomato and some lemon-garlicky delicious ...

By Chavi Feldman

This combination of ground meat and eggplant, along with the roasted red peppers and tomato dip, all complement each other really well; really tasty and easy party fare!

By Faigy Grossman

These are too easy and too adorable not to make. You can customize the toppings as you wish. We tried it with Everything spice and absolutely loved it!

By Chanie Nayman

I wanted something that delivers the same level of satisfaction, without any of the frying. Let’s be honest, it ain’t Urbana, but I wouldn’t be mad at being a strong second best.

By Michal Frischman

Make sure to fry these fresh, because eating them the next day is just not the same.

By Michal Frischman


By Faigy Grossman

Family Room
The best kind of playtime is one where the children are learning in some form, using their creative energy

By Family Room Contributors

The success of the concept behind the JEP recordings of the early 1970s

By Dovid Nachman Golding

Dip and re-dip your cookies in assorted colors to create your own original and eye-catching patterns!

By Esther Ottensosser

Text Messages
A very big country, 330 million citizens strong, the great majority of whom are neither hard-right or left

By Eytan Kobre

Family Diary
“If I wanted to say something, I literally had to interrupt her. And the instant I finished talking she took off again"

By Shani Leiman

Family Room Feature
These unique color palettes are sophisticated yet versatile and can be used to update any space, not just the play area.

By Shiri Feldman