Family First Feature
Chayala Neuhaus — the composer behind some of today’s most iconic songs, such as “A Yid” and “Miracles” — shares the story behind her songs

By Shterna Lazaroff

Family First Inbox
“Lisa Twerski’s differentiation of kinds of relationships clarified for me the work I struggle with”

By Family First Readers

Family Tempo
Still single? That’s nothing a marketing campaign can’t solve

By Rivka Kay

The walls are too steep to climb, the stones too slippery to scale. The only thing that can possibly lift you is Him

By Fay Glick

By the Numbers
Survey of the shidduch scene: systems, stats, and stories

By Family First Readers

Two Cents
Stressed hosts, late guests, and poached recipes

By Michali Naiman and Chana Fishman

A Better You
While it’s a rite of passage to start riding in a car without a booster, making the change too early can have devastating consequences

By Family First Contributors

Family First Serial
“Prayer helped me,” Katrina says finally. “And G-d’s messengers helped me, too.” She pauses. “Is this true for you, that you only helped yourself?”

By Leah Gebber


By Miriam Aflalo

“Sometimes, we have to seek a little stronger, try a little harder, to find Him, but as long as we make that effort, we can be reassured He is always there”

By Riki Goldstein

From My Table
We often get pizza from a place where the pizza has LOTS of crust. And when supper is over, I have a pile of pizza crusts that looks like a pile of bones. I decided to turn it int ...

By Chanie Nayman

Family First Serial
The first incident was in the kitchen on the tiles. Clarissa’s face said it all. She was sweet, but sick kids were not in her job description

By Esther Kurtz

Protein-packed quinoa salad

By Esther Ottensoser

   I stay glued to the couch, the couch that’s blessedly free from little people overcrowding me, needing me, whining at me

By Leba Friedman