Family First Feature
Five popular speakers share the challenges and beauty they see within our community — and within each of us

By Malkie Schulman

On Topic
At what point should they stand on their own two feet? When is parental help welcome — and when does it stunt growth?

By Shoshana Itzkowitz

Personal Accounts
Even useless advice can be instructive. Fifteen women share the good that emerged from bad advice

By Riki Goldstein

With her custom-designed tashmishei kedushah, Aliza Blizinsky helps Jews the world over serve Hashem with their own color and flair

By Miriam Milstein

“Neshei Hisachdus HaKehillos proudly presents the first-ever Succah Supreme Contest! Think you’ve got the fanciest succah in town? Let your friends be the judge!"

By Gila Arnold

Add good food, company, and a story retold for generations, and you have the scene set for the tale of Zeidy z”l and the walnut

By Raizy Friedman

“Look at him, at him, behind the stained shirt and missing teeth, and you can’t help loving him, he’s another Jew"

By Rivka Streicher

Personal Accounts
In the anguish, in the longing, in the loneliness — He is holding us in His Shelter. Three encounters

By Family First Contributors

Hindy frowned. “If the whole personality is on the back, you won’t see much in the pictures”

By Esty Heller

Personal Accounts
We know it’s only temporary, but for this tiny slice of time, we’re in a different sphere, in Hashem’s embrace. Nine accounts

By Atara Stern

What are we looking for? What do we really want? Hoshana Rabbah holds the key to the answer

By Miriam Kosman

I should get this place in shape if I want to attract a tenant, Talia thought grimly

By Esty Heller

Joy lifts us up and, enables us to remain holy the whole year

By Faigy Peritzman

Know This
We’re here to serve. Whatever Hashem has given us, He expects us to share

By Nechama Grossman