On Topic
He saw his parents’ paystubs, and it lent a level of resignation. The knowledge that there was no money made him feel insecure. He was afraid to express his needs

By Esty Heller

On Topic
Rebbetzins, educators, and therapists share 21 pieces of hard-earned wisdom they want to share with their daughters — and all of us

By Ariella Schiller

Personal Accounts
Fifteen simanim form the structure of our Seder. If we listen closely, we can hear them echo in our everyday lives. Fifteen stories of transformation and tradition

By Mishpacha Contributors

What happens when you take two complete strangers and have them spend a few hours together? Does the time fly by, or is the evening strained and awkward? Family First matched up f ...

By Elisheva Appel

Personal Accounts
As mothers, we’re influential in creating the memories that will accompany our children through life. Here, three women reflect on their role as memory maker

By Mishpacha Contributors

Family Matters
How could I protect his dignity in the face of such a debilitating illness? How could I respect his independence and still keep him safe?

By Joan Zlotnick

“I can’t take this, the waiting!” she muttered. “Just wake me up when I’m married…” From across the street, the woman looked up, and smiled

By Rikki Ehrlich

Each week, there’s a new mix of guests at the table. People her neighbor finds in shul, people who have nowhere else to go

By Rivka Streicher

A classic Pesach snack to add to your family's repertoire.

By Esther Ottensoser

It’s a tough interview to conduct, since Rebbetzin Ackerman can’t quite figure out why I consider her achievements noteworthy

By Elisheva Appel

Story Time
“You’ve got the eye patch, you’re the kidnapper!” Adin bellowed, jabbing his finger into the man’s face. “Where are you hiding her?”

By Yehuda Bromberg

And then I froze and my mind went blank and this crazy overwhelming feeling came over me and I started to cry and so did she

By Rikki Ehrlich

Text Messages
My baseline for comparison is admittedly weak

By Eytan Kobre

Her parents had picked up on that early in the shidduch process — every neighbor, every relative, every rebbi or roommate seemed to get a light in their eye when asked about Chaim ...

By Blimi Rabinowitz