Magazine Feature
They’re far away from their rebbes, their friends and families, their shtieblach, and the 24/6 shopping and take-out they were used to in Boro Park or Williamsburg, but they’re se ...

By Margie Pensak

Change of Heart
I do have a new understanding of how the world works. I knew it all along, but it’s a little more real to me now

By Leora Hammer

Family Tempo
I know right then and there that there would not be anyone else in this world who would give me that special blessing on Friday nights

By Goldie Young

Map the Starlight
Something inside her burns. She steps forward. “We are indeed honored by your suggestion, but I am afraid we must decline”

By Leah Gebber

On the House
“Zoberman’s is the best eatery in town. Who said we have to make ourselves crazy just because some young big shot decides to copy us?”

By Faigy Schonfeld

Yes, they had heard the Purim story. No, they would not be keeping Purim — at least not in the traditional way

By Rochel (Grunewald) Samet

Here’s a guide for the bewildered:

By Esty Heller

Esther found her internal greatness — we can too

By Rebbetzin Debbie Greenblatt

In some homes, the chaos and cheer of Purim is multiplied. Three rebbetzins from illustrious homes share a glimpse of their childhood Purims and their Purim today

By Mali Heller

Family Reflections
The perfect mother? How did she pull that off?

By Sarah Chana Radcliffe

Every Jew needs a specific spiritual goal

By Faigy Peritzman

Standing Ovation

By Dovid Nachman Golding

5 out of 10

By Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin

Normal Like Me
“I’ll give up the editing, and that way I won’t have to deal with people.” That remark trailed off on a note of revulsion mixed with despair

By Ruti Kepler