How can you express, in concrete media, the longing of a soul for its Creator? This is the question that occupies artist Orit Martin

By Leah Gebber

We don’t inherit the crown of Torah, we earn it

By Faigy Peritzman

Family Reflections
Does human imperfection prevent unconditional love?

By Sarah Chana Radcliffe

Map the Starlight
The apples give him courage. He tucks them into a pocket on the inside of his cassock and grips the rope ladder with both hands

By Leah Gebber

Change of Heart
“I feel pretty good,” I lied. “I’m just getting a headache.” A headache was nothing, I hadn’t eaten, I was stressed, I don’t even know why I said it

By Leora Hammer

Real Life
Perhaps they’ll think she got in through a window.… Perhaps they won’t notice she slept at home. Perhaps… they’ll think ...

By Zahava Goldstein

My parents were very gentle: “It’s great that you love it, but maybe you can find something else you love that has a practical application?”

By Elisheva Appel


By Adina Soclof

After Three Decades of HASC Concerts, There’s Always a Time for Music

By Riki Goldstein

Cut ‘n Paste
Many times we regret our hurtful or negative words. But we almost never feel remorse for refraining from saying something or rethinking a response

By Rabbi Andi Yudin

“What do you mean, declare bankruptcy?” I asked in horror. “That’ll destroy our credit rating! And who knows what other headaches we’ll have because of it?!”

By C. Saphir

The Current
“As far as international opinion goes, it’s totally different from 2006. Many Arabs would be more than happy if Israel were to destroy Hezbollah”

By Gedalia Guttentag

Metro & Beyond
Mahwah’s anti-Semitic ban is gone, but undercurrent of bias remains

By Jacob Kornbluh

Inside Israel
Program to boost chareidi employment runs aground on the rocks of bureaucracy

By Tzippy Yarom