Family Reflections
Big Feelings,Help your teens ride the roller coaster of life

By Sarah Chana Radcliffe

As much your sister-in-law seems to stick out in your social circle, you may be the only one actually bothered by it.

By Bassi Gruen

Point of View
The root of Avraham’s faith in Hashem

By Rabbi Moshe Grylak zt"l

“I wanted to sing, but had no words”

By Riki Goldstein

Rav Yisrael Tzvi Weinberg, who passed away this past Succos, left behind the fulfillment of his father-in-law’s last hope: ...

By Pearl Herzog

Summer Job
Chaim wasn’t dressed for Shabbos, like Penner, nor wearing a lime-green Ne’os Deshe T-shirt like his father-in-law. He wasn’t ...

By Dov Haller

Trump’s fanciful promises to turn back the clock

By Yonoson Rosenblum

News In Depth
The usual veil of polite PC dialogue has been lifted to reveal a splintered country, raw with emotion, and American Jew ...

By Mishpacha Staff