A Gift Passed Along
When I took this photo, I wasn’t covering an event; I was part of the crowd davening

By Moshe Wulliger

A Gift Passed Along
Mr. Reifman was an “alter Europa’esha Yid,” who had learned to lein in his hometown shtetl in Europe

By Uri Benjamin

A Gift Passed Along
A tangible link between lofty generations engaged in the same enduring dance between Heaven and earth

By Rabbi Mattis Goldberg

A Gift Passed Along
He was my principal; he was also my ally and my cheerleader and one of the only people who took an odd little girl, dreamy but fierce, and tended to her

By Leah Gebber

A Gift Passed Along
If you took a moment and stepped inside, you were quickly overcome by the smell of dust, of pages, of history, of life itself

By Nachman Hellman

A Gift Passed Along
They know it’s the prelude to a busy 24 hours that begins with water

By Baruch Ya'ari

A Gift Passed Along
I found out that fiction can transport, uplift, and connect you to something bigger then yourself

By Rachael Lavon

A Gift Passed Along
I printed that email in full and laminated it, and it hangs on my fridge to this day

By YY Schochet

A Gift Passed Along
I had changed my name, changed my place, and rediscovered my true self

By Esther Tscholkowsky

Outside Chance
“You got the position you’ve always wanted. I was being supportive! I picked up and moved!”

By Esther Kurtz

Story Supplement
His brother was a singer. So what?

By Chani Muller

I knew that one day I would just have to explode. Which I did, on the shabbaton

By Devorah Grant

10 Questions
Shimon Fleischman is the co-owner of Mr. Can Cleaning in Monsey, New York

By Rachel Bachrach

Off the Couch
“Doctor Freedman, I’ve got to tell you, I’m having a great time at home"

By Jacob L. Freedman MD