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Living Higher: Issue 948

The serendipity was remarkable

Longtime Cincinnati resident Reb Yosef Zoimen arranges for a minyan each year to visit the kever of Rav Eliezer Silver. It’s a precious opportunity to daven at the kever of a tzaddik who would turn the world over to help a fellow Yid. The 9th of Shevat marked Rav Silver’s 55th yahrtzeit, and as Reb Yosef neared the beis hakevaros, his phone rang. It was Cincinnati’s rosh kollel, Rav Dovid Spetner, and he had an urgent question.

“Are you planning on going to the kever?” he asked.

“Yes,” replied Reb Yosef, “in fact, I’m almost there.”

“Oh, wow,” the rosh kollel replied. “Listen, I just received a call from someone whose daughter is about to undergo a serious medical procedure. Their grandparents are buried in the same cemetery. Would you be able to daven there for a few minutes?”

Reb Yosef assured him that it was no problem. As it turned out, the grandparents were buried just a few plots away from Rabbi Silver.

The serendipity was remarkable — on the yahrtzeit of a man who cared so much for a fellow Jew, the opportunity arose to follow in his footsteps and be there for a Jew in need, at precisely the right place and the right moment.


(Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 948)

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