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Lack of Interest

Now we have merited clarity in this area, too

Rav Pinchas Vind has made the learning of hilchos ribbis his passion, reiterating the centrality and importance of the halachos and their relevance in everyday life. At the recent event marking the presentation of heter hora’ah for hilchos ribbis, more than 40 yungeleit from Brooklyn and Lakewood were inaugurated as dayanim in this area, as respected senior rabbanim came to pay tribute to their accomplishment.

In his remarks, Rav Chaim Kohn, dayan of Mechon L’Choshen Mishpat, said that perhaps some of the chinuch issues we face today might be because the Torah of children is being funded by impure money, fathers who are inadvertently transgressing the issur of ribbis because they don’t know any better. Now, the Dayan said, we have merited clarity in this area too, and those who support the efforts to increase awareness of hilchos ribbis have a share in the newfound awareness and clarity as well.


(Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 864)

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