Kitchen Color Stories

There are endless kitchen schemes, so many variables to consider and map out, and it can be all at once exciting and overwhelming. Here, I break down a few schemes into micro-categories, ones that have recently caught my fancy, and maybe yours, too.

Taupe Kitchen

Warm taupe personifies a homey kitchen. Here, we inject drama with a black soapstone countertop and iconic Zellige tiles, whose movement adds another layer of effortless elegance. Wood floors keep it feeling casual, just as brass plumbing fixtures contribute to this varied materiality. A graphic window covering ensures this doesn’t feel too monochrome.

Light Blue Kitchen

When light blue is paired with grounding yet feminine details, it feels classic. Black hardware and a butcher-block countertop act as anchors, and a beadboard backsplash keeps costs down while referencing farmhouse styles. A playful but timeless floor creates movement for the eye and adds whimsy.

Wood Kitchen

Flat-paneled cabinetry feels understated and modern. The backsplash varies in color, referencing elements in nature and working with the travertine-slab countertop. The goal for the hardware here is to add a slight deviation from the monochrome, while the light and cement bowl act as rounded counterbalances to the other linear shapes. Moss adds warmth and brings the natural feel back indoors.

White Kitchen

Of course, a white kitchen with a classic Shaker cabinetry profile, marble-inspired countertops, and either accents of wood, gray, or navy makes every heart sing. The wheel for a white kitchen needs no reinventing, some would say. I say, let’s take historical classics and inject them into non-obvious spaces. A classic checkerboard floor is casual in ceramic tile or painted wood, which will age beautifully over time, and a delft backsplash is impactful yet peaceful at once. Nickel faucets add polish; milk glass and classic Windsor chairs bring this old English look full circle.

Sage Kitchen

Sage green has become the new warm neutral. Pair it with laidback, worn-in elements for a lived-in feel. Leather pulls play off the green beautifully, and the herringbone brick floors create exciting movement. Dramatic rattan pendants provide a material anchor to the light-toned countertop, and a whimsical floral wallpaper acts as an unexpected backsplash. Cover with glass to protect its surface. A cherry-red kitchen table, finished in a lacquer, amps up the sophistication of this scheme.

These color stories serve to provide inspiration — whether by the unique placement of wallpaper or through a color combination that feels fresh to you. Although kitchen construction or renovation may not be in the cards for many of us, keeping our brains and eyes creative is a core component of feeling revitalized, regardless of the medium!

(Originally featured in Family Room, Issue 013)

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