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Jr.s Unite to Fight Coronavirus

Send us your experiences, kabbalos, quips, and activity ideas during the coronavirus lockdown, and watch this space!


A family who chose to remain anonymous, shared their chesed initiative with us. We were so impressed we want to share it with all of you, too.

Jr.: Tell us a little about your organization.

Our name is Simcha 4 All. Our goal is to bring simchah and joy to as many people as possible. Especially during the coronavirus times.

Jr.: What made you think of this idea?

We were hearing about so many sad things and so much pain that people are going through. We thought maybe we could try to help in some way. If we could bring simchah to people’s homes, then we could be accomplishing a lot. We planned to raise money and buy board games and have them delivered to families before the last days of Pesach.

Jr.: How did you get started?

Our idea came up over the first few days of Pesach and right after Shabbos we got to work trying to raise money. Hashem really helped us because we had so little time and we accomplished so much.

Jr.: What have you distributed so far?

We have baruch Hashem distributed over 200 games, and plan to buy and distribute lots more.

Jr.: How did you raise the funds?

By asking for support from family, friends, and neighbors over the phone. Donations were sent by check in the mail, or via Paypal or Zelle over the computer.

Jr.: How did you deliver the games during lockdown?

We got in touch with a Jewish toy store owner, who helped us choose the most exciting games and gave us the best prices. We drove to his warehouse, opened the trunk, and his gloved and masked workers put all the boxes into the car.

Jr.: What are your plans for the future?

Baruch Hashem, we all have a very “THINK BIG” attitude. Firstly, we are introducing a few contests that children can participate in from home; a Lego building challenge and a drawing contest. Prizes will be Lego sets, Amazon gift cards, and more!

Our hotline is up and running with all the details of these contests. It is being generously sponsored by MTech digital. The hotline number is 929-500-7840. Our email is itsimcha4all@gmail.com

We also hope to expand our game distribution to more and more families, hopefully in time for Shavuos. We hope we’ve made a lot of children happy and many parents, too!!!



We converted cereal boxes into mailboxes, by turning them inside out and painting them. We’re now posting each other letters – thank-yous, requests, etc. It’s fun to check our “mail” each day! (Thank you, Bashi S., for this great idea.)

We also play a fun phone game, which has the added bonus of keeping somebody else busy at the same time. One of us secretly phones somebody else (neighbor, cousin, etc.) and tells them the rules of this game: our sibling is going to ask you a yes-or-no question. If the answer is Yes, press any key once. If the answer is No, press any key twice. This sibling then takes the phone and asks Yes and No questions, and from the “answers” he gets, he has to guess who we phoned. (Thank you, Surele S., for this fun idea.)

Libby and Rochmy S.

We played bowling!
Avrohom Yisroel Alter, 11, Lakewood, New Jersey



We took all our broken crayons and melted them on an empty wine bottle. It was a lot of fun and the results are beautiful. You can use the bottle as a vase or as desired. Note: Make sure there’s an adult monitoring, and remove the papers around the crayons; those are flammable.

Breier Family, New Square, New York


We had a cooking contest. Boys made supper one night and girls the next. We were judged by taste, style, teamwork and cleanup. We had so much fun and the food was amazing! It went so well we decided to give Mommy a break and offered to make the whole Shabbos. Guess who won? Team Boys!!

Family Eisenberger, Ramat Bet Shemesh

I had so much fun painting this picture, I got to walk on it and paint it with fun rollers. This great idea from the Family First! Thank you!

Leora Koff, 3, Waterbury, Connecticut


Hi everybody! Did you hear?

The coronavirus is everywhere!

Imagine walking down the street,

With coronavirus by your feet!

So, now because of COVID-19

We are all in quarantine.

Now, we’re safe in our house,

While building our own dollhouse!

Imagine six months of no school,

Wow! That is so cool!

Although, school did ZOOM

We daven Mashiach will be here soon!

Tehillim our family divided up to say,

Refuah Shleimah to all the cholei

Remember, Torah & Mitzvos is the key

To bring Moashiach FINALLY!

By Rivka Silberstein, 10, Montreal, Canada

P.S. Attached are a few pics of the wooden dollhouse our family is building during quarantine.


We “redecorated” our dining room wall while learning all about sefirah and Shavuos, as well as the sedrah each week

Hoffman Family, London, England

(Originally featured in Mishpacha Jr., Issue 811)

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