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Jr. in Numbers

How many days must I wait until I see my picture in “View It”? In how many countries is Jr. read? Some eye-popping numbers about your favorite magazine

copies of Jr. are printed each week. Taking into account how many kids on average share a copy, Jr. is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of fans each week!


days: maximum amount of time it takes for Mishpacha magazine to reach your store or home after rolling off the printing press. Mishpacha uses two printers, one in Israel and one in the U.S. The magazines from the U.S. printer are shipped to addresses in the U.S. and Canada. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days from when a magazine is printed until it reaches your home. The magazines printed on the Israeli printer are shipped to addresses in Israel right away; they reach England two days later. It takes three days for them to arrive in the rest of Europe and South Africa , and a week to 10 days to reach the rest of the world.


weeks until the answer to a question for Share n’ Care appears in the magazine. Tali says it takes about six weeks for her letters to be published, but it can take longer if she gets a lot of letters at once. Rabbi Chaim Ellis says that letters to him are answered in the magazine after about 2-3 weeks.


inches (about 4,500 feet) of wire is used every week to bind the Jr. The magazine looks like it’s bound with staples, but really a huge spool of wire is run through a machine that cuts each piece individually, bends the wire to push through the pages, and then folds each side in. It is this last step that makes it look like staples.

(Excerpted from Mishpacha Jr., Issue 800)

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