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From my Table: Issue 809

I have a weakness I want to share. It’s something that is really common sense, but maybe someone else out there is making the same mistake I did. I don’t like to see people waste time, especially if it’s something they are doing for me, and especially if it’s someone whose time I really value. Where I get stuck is that it’s their cheshbon, not mine, and my job is just to be appreciative of the investment of time that I benefited from.

I’ll share even more. As a guest at my mother’s house for many Yamim Tovim, I’d open her 20-cubic foot freezer in the garage and feel a pit in my stomach at the number of hours and brain space she invested to slowly accumulate all the clearly labeled 9x13s-slid-into-2-gallon-ziplocks full of Yom Tov food, including a shelf or two dedicated to round challos. I still wish she wouldn’t work so hard for my family to roll in for Yom Tov, but my reaction to the beautiful sight and shelves full of accomplishments should be pure appreciation. We never want to be a burden, and I think the “hosted” generation on the whole needs to collectively make a stronger effort to help our hosts in the way that would be most appreciated, but when there’s nothing left to do and we’re at zero hour, our job as a guest is to be a gracious receiver.

If you’re hosting a crowd over Yom Tov, there’s a good chance that you’re devoting countless hours preparing for Yom Tov, and as the freezer slowly fills up, you’re building up the assets you own. This week’s baked goods are a great start to your frozen-food portfolio. Don’t forget to seal the results well too; otherwise you might have pilferers before Yom Tov. The good news is that they will undoubtedly appreciate all your cookie/cake/rugelach efforts.

Food Editor, Family Table
Editor in Chief, Kosher.com


Half-Homemade Bundt Cake

I recently started buying a very basic vanilla Bundt cake from the bakery. I use it as a blank canvas, adding toppings to make it feel like I contributed to the completion of this cake! My favorite is the dairy option, where I drizzle it with caramel and white chocolate, topped with chopped Milk Munch bars.

Hard-Boiled Egg

Here’s my hard-boiled egg challenge. You have two options when it comes to hard-boiled eggs. Either peel them right away while they’re warm, or, if you plan on peeling them at a later time, throw them into an ice bath as soon as they have finished cooking. Sometimes I plan on peeling them while warm, but I don’t get to it, and then they don’t peel nicely. My friend just shared this trick with me: Add an unlit matchstick to the pot of eggs and the shell will slide off beautifully even when the eggs are cold!


(Originally featured in Family Table, Issue 809)

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