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Soups are my favorite, but the likelihood that I follow a formal recipe is low — I usually just empty the contents of my fridge into a pot. Do the same? Be a recipe developer for a day and put your own twist on your favorite FT soup. Email us at recipes@mishpacha.com!

Remember during the summer when we were collectively desperate for schools to open? While that was the talk, when we all dreamed COVID would finally be behind us, I remember trying to figure out if I had used my time at home with the family to the fullest. March to June was chaotic, but among the mess were some really great family moments that I want to hold on to.

Now that I know my kids will be home after Succos for a bit — and im yirtzeh Hashem, it won’t be for much longer — I need to keep reminding myself of my summer sentiment.

While we’re back in remote learning, the structure of the day will defi nitely revert to pizza bagel/fi sh sticks/survival mode. Getting creative in the kitchen and trying new things will not be our mantra. That explains our decision to go basic; the usual after-Succos detox direction has turned into a “let’s just keep things rolling” approach. In addition to our recipes, don’t miss “Hasty but Tasty,” from our editorial and production team, to hear what we really make in our most hustling days, and to keep you refreshed with some stable oldies.

That’s the key — stay stable, stay sane, stay simple.

Chanie Nayman
Food Editor, Family Table


Are Your Sheet Pans Warped? (Mine were!)

Pans can warp when they’re heated or cooled rapidly, like when you place a cool pan directly under a broiler or run cold water onto a hot pan. In order to reverse the damage, lightly heat the pan, then remove from heat and place one dry towel under it and one dry towel over it. If the pan is warped inward, place it upside down. If it’s warped outward, place it right side up. Gently hammer the warped area back into place. If this isn’t working, heat the pan a bit more and try again.

Open at Your Own Risk

How much does opening your oven a­ffect the internal temp? If you’re as pedantic as we are, you can always track temperature fluctuations with a digital oven thermometer, but the results will vary depending on the oven (and depending on the day and on your room temperature). For best results, try to keep the oven door closed and only open it when you have to, and for as little time as you can.

(Originally featured in Family Table, Issue 713)

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