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Easy suggestions for crepe-paper crafted blooms you can create — whatever your kids’ ages or artistic levels



enjoy all things creative. I get a thrill from making something unique, beautiful, and fun. I save up ideas all year long for Rosh Chodesh and Yamim Tovim. As Shavuos is synonymous with flowers, here are some easy suggestions for crepe-paper crafted blooms you can create — whatever your kids’ ages or artistic levels.

Paper Petals

Recommended for ages 3-10

Chrysanthemum seems like such a big word for these fun, colorful flowers. Easy enough for the youngest crew to make, I think we can simply call them pom-poms.


    4-6 different color rolls of streamers

    Flexible green straws

    Glue stick for a kid on his/her own, or a hot glue gun with adult assistance

  1. Cut the streamers into 1-inch (2.5 cm) lengths
  2. Layer 6-8 pieces of streamer in a variety of colors. To keep the pile together while cutting, glue the edges together in 2-3 spots along one side of the length of pile.
  3. Cut fringes ¾ of the way through the width of the streamers.
  4. Wrap and glue the fringed streamers around the top of the straw. Continue wrapping in the same place until the streamer is finished and you have a pom-pom shape.

Note: If you don’t have green straws, you can use a skewer and wrap the exposed part in floral tape.




Cutting-Edge Hyacinths

Recommended for ages 8-16

These hyacinths are as simple to make as they are elegant. There’s such a variety of colors among real hyacinths, you can be sure any colors you choose will work well.


    2-4 different color rolls of streamers

    Dark green crepe paper or streamers

    Wooden skewers

    Floral tape


    Hot glue gun and glue sticks


  1. Cut each streamer into 3- to 4-inch (8 to 10 cm) lengths.
  2. Fold each streamer in half twice, so you end up with four layers of paper.
  3. Cut fringes ¾ of the way through the width of the streamers.
  4. To curl the fringes, wrap all four layers of each fringe in a single curl around a skewer. Repeat for all the fringes.
  5. Starting at the top of the skewer, wrap and glue the curled streamers around the skewer with the curls facing outward, going lower and lower on the skewer as you continue wrapping.
  6. Cut medium-sized green leaves and attach them to the bottom of the flower with glue or floral tape.
  7. Wrap floral tape around the remaining exposed skewer.
Floral Front Runner

Recommended for teens and adults

This runner will be the centerpiece of your Shavuos table. You can create the same design on both sides, or change it up so you can flip the runner for different looks at alternating meals.


    3-4 mailing, gift, or cereal boxes

    3-4 bags of beans

    Roll of green crepe paper


    Double-sided tape (optional)

    Hot glue gun and glue sticks


    Faux flowers


  1.  Put the bag of beans in the box as a weight and seal the box.
  2. Wrap each box in green crepe paper.
  3. You want the flower decoration on your runner to follow a wave shape. Line up the wrapped boxes on their backs and draw the shape of the wave you want the flowers to follow. Flip the boxes and mirror the matching wave on the second side with your marker. Number the bottom of the boxes for easy set-up.
  4. Using just the heads of the faux flowers, lay them out along the wave, clustering them together tightly. Mix and match styles and sizes. Once you’re satisfied with the setup, hot glue one flower into place at a time.
  5. Flip and repeat on the second side.

Note: You can cover the boxes in dark green paper or paint the boxes green instead of using green crepe paper.

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