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Fit for a Princess

"I would love for them to be able go into Yom Tov properly, with new clothing"
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Three sisters who are my neighbors


These amazing young ladies lost their father a few years ago; their mother works hard and isn’t available to meet their needs, physically or emotionally. Despite all this, they’re the most happy, upbeat, put-together girls that I’ve ever met, and I love them like daughters.

I try to make sure their needs are met as best as I can, but there is so much pressure on these young girls who are worrying about adult problems. I would love for them to be able go into Yom Tov properly, with new clothing, without them needing to worry about how to afford it, so that they can look like the princesses they are.




Everyone wants to look nice for the Yamim Tovim — and that’s especially true for teenagers! Deciding where to turn was a no-brainer: Junees has been a household name for over ten years, known for its personable service and a sales team dedicated to both fashion and modesty. And the trendy frum teen has been shopping in Udel since it opened just one year ago.

June Aboksis of Junees feels strongly about giving back. “If you can help somebody, why not?” she says. “Let’s be on the giving end. My motto in life has always been to think ‘What can I do for the other person?’ If we’ve been blessed, let’s think how we can share with others.”

Galit Winer, founder of famous childrenswear chain store Kidichic, shares, “As the mom of teen girls, I created Udel, a teen line, with the goal that teens should feel good about themselves. Building confidence during those formative years is so important, and the right clothing plays a huge role in that. When Mishpacha asked us to help these amazing teen girls feel good for Yom Tov, we just had to give a gift certificate.

“Udel is named after my great aunt who perished in the war and never got to reach adulthood. There was so much more she should’ve been able to do, so I try to do my part in her zechus,” Galit adds.


(Originally featured in Family First, Issue 760)

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