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Fire and Water

He was the one who had to say thank you

The ancient steps of Batei Ungarin carry the history of the Old Yishuv, the large stones in the building walls witness to a century of Torah, tefillah, and kindness. Just a few days ago, a tired delivery man made his way down the alley and into the courtyard, carrying a large case of water bottles. He scanned the addresses and sighed as he realized that he was meant to haul three such cases up to the very top of the building.

At that moment, the Dushinsky Rebbe entered the same courtyard, on his way to be menachem avel the family of one of his chassidim. The Rebbe took in the scene, and with obvious joy, hurried over and lifted one case, the gabbai lifting the second, as they walked along with the grateful delivery man.

Too often, the Rebbe explained, others perform kindness with him, but he rarely gets to physically help others — so he was the one who had to say thank you.

(Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 844)

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