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Entrance Music

It was a question of showing respect 


In a week of several “rebbishe” weddings, the Tosher Rebbe married off his first grandchild, joining the Rebbe of Toldos Aharon — his new mechutan and brother-in-law (the rebbetzins are sisters) — in presiding over the festive chasunah, held in Monsey.

At one point, the Tosher Rebbe made a motion to the band leader, sending a clear message to the musicians, who later shared the Rebbe’s directive. The illustrious mechutanim were drawing a steady stream of admorim and dignitaries, and although the band welcomed each arriving rebbe with the standard niggun, the Tosher Rebbe had noticed that they were playing the song a bit quicker with each new arrival — they wanted to get to their regular playlist of other niggunim as well.

And this was the Rebbe’s message: Even if musically it wasn’t the right decision, and even if the dancing crowd appreciates variety, for an arriving rebbe, it was a question of showing respect — and throughout the long night, he wanted every single dignitary who made the effort to come to be received the very same way.


(Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 863)

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