There’s been an upsurge in the popularity of Israeli songs in the heimishe listening crowd even in America, and singer Simcha Leiner has ridden on that wave with Yochi Briskman’s newest Project Relax — Israeli Edition. With material from Yonatan Razel, Ishay Ribo, Hanan Ben Ari, and others, Leiner sings 25 tracks of popular Israeli songs. He says he’s been enjoying the vitality and energy of chareidi Israeli radio and assembling a collection of his favorite tracks for years, and that “I had been sending songs to Yochi [Briskman] one by one, until he felt the collection was big and vibrant enough to create another Project Relax.” The selections are varied, with older songs like Naomi Shemer’s 1980 “Al Kol Eileh” (also known as “Al Na Ta’akor Natua,” which became the theme song of the protest against the destruction of Yamit and the Sinai settlements in the wake of Camp David) alongside contemporary numbers such as Mordechai Shapiro’s chassan-kallah benediction “Hayom Hazeh,” the reworked music to Rav Kook’s inspirational poem “Ben Adam” (“Kanfei Ruach”), and Yonatan Razel’s humble “Katonti.”