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“Can I Take Home Leftovers from a Simchah?”

There’s a ton of food left. You know it’ll all be thrown out. Would you...

You’re at an event with really good food. It’s winding down, and there’s a ton of food left. You know it’ll all be thrown out. Would you:


Take some home on a plate so you and your family can enjoy it later


No way. I will not be seen walking out with a loaded plate; that’s so not classy


“You take the plate, commenting casually to all those in earshot, “I always like to treat the babysitter, don’t you?”

Y. Samet

I am the LAST person to throw out food (daughter of a Holocaust survivor here) but if the host isn’t inviting you to take stuff home, what right do you have to take the food they paid for?


As an event planner, we would love if the food went to a good use, but please don’t walk off with all the good desserts until the guests who are eating there had a chance to get.

Shlomo Zaks

Depends which side of the family is making the simchah (I’m assuming it’s family if I’m there at the end). If it’s my husband’s family, I take home all the time. My family (I only have brothers — so its sister-in-law’s simchahs), I would be too embarrassed.



(Originally featured in Family First, Issue 877)

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