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Calligraphy Succos 5782

It doesn’t come easy, but that’s why we daven for it. Let us truly be in the succah


In good siddurim, the ones that aren’t just there to make sure your basic prayer needs are covered, but the ones that make sure that whatever the time of year, whatever the situation, you’ll find the right words, you can find the tefillah recited when entering the succah.

In the merit of my leaving my house to the outdoors… may it be as if “I wandered far away….”

The request is based on the teaching of the mekubalim that the succah can rectify and repair one who would otherwise have to go into galus, exile.

The departure to the succah fulfills that obligation.

What galus? When galus? Many of us have succahs no less comfortable than a room in the house, warm and spacious, and even those who still, “rough it,” are within 50 feet of home, the kitchen and refrigerator.

Where’s galus?

This is only a question, a wise rav reflected, for those who never really experienced the succah.

But if you’ve ever really been inside, you know that it’s another dimension, another zone, another mindset.

Go into the succah — really go in — and you will taste the fact that the calculations, attitudes, and priorities that exist beyond the brick wall aren’t as important. You’re somewhere else.

And sweet as it is, it’s galus. It’s far away.

It doesn’t come easy, but that’s why we daven for it. Let us truly be in the succah.

The gifted storyteller takes the readers away, surrounding them with new realities, different colors and hues.

And there is no story like this one:

So that your generations will know that I caused Bnei Yisrael to dwell in succahs when I took them out of the land of Mitzrayim….

Get lost in it, go far away, and have a joyous Yom Tov,

Yisroel Besser

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