Avraham Fried Favorites: “You’re Never Alone”

When he was a kid, Avremel Friedman went public as a child soloist on several albums — but while the light of most child stars dims as their voices change, Avraham Fried’s only became brighter. Ten years later, his 1981 debut album, No Jew Will Be Left Behind, turned into the beginning of a nearly four-decade stretch, as listeners connected to his niggunim of the neshamah. Through hundreds of songs and dozens of albums, we’ve sung and swayed, danced and prayed. And now we’ve asked our readers:

Which one of Avraham Fried’s songs has touched your life?


“You’re Never Alone” (Holyland’s Greatest Hits, 1986)

Going through infertility was both lonely and frightening. When I discovered Avraham Fried’s song “You’re Never Alone,” I literally felt Hashem’s hand on my shoulder. I played this song every day and it infused me with tremendous emunah and bitachon.

I would cry as I sang, “Sometimes when you’re feeling all alone, and need some happiness to call your own, nothing is going the way it should…,” I felt like the song was talking about me. And then, “Lift up your eyes to the skies, your life’s in His hands, trust in Him he will reply. Guiding all your steps, always at your side. You are his joy and pride…” lifted me up and made me feel so connected to Hashem.

I’m still singing these days, together with my children:

“And don’t you know, you’re never alone, it doesn’t matter where you are. There’s nothing in His eyes more special than you. Wherever you go, Hashem goes with you.” Thank you Avraham Fried, for all the chizuk you have given me.

—R. Rubin, Brooklyn, NY

I was around 12 years old. I had a very bad day and just crashed angrily onto my bed. It felt like no one in the world understood me. Until I heard the HASC DVD my brother was playing. Avraham Fried was singing “You’re Never Alone.” The words jumped off the screen and into my heart, offering incredible validation.   The melody was so sweet and the words spoke to how I was feeling. I started to cry. Not only is Hashem watching me at this moment but He understands how I feel! Thank you Avremel for making one child’s bad day into a memory that will never be forgotten.

—Nissen Levine

Avremel’s Take

The power of a song, and even its title, have never ceases to amaze me. Three simple words can give so much strength and chizuk. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. And please always remember: You’re never alone.

(Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 791)

You're Never Alone
Avraham Fried
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