Avraham Fried Favorites: “Shelach Li Koach”

When he was a kid, Avremel Friedman went public as a child soloist on several albums — but while the light of most child stars dims as their voices change, Avraham Fried’s only became brighter. Ten years later, his 1981 debut album, No Jew Will Be Left Behind, turned into the beginning of a nearly four-decade stretch, as listeners connected to his niggunim of the neshamah. Through hundreds of songs and dozens of albums, we’ve sung and swayed, danced and prayed. And now we’ve asked our readers:

Which one of Avraham Fried’s songs has touched your life?


“Shelach Li Koach” (Kamah Tov Shenifgashnu, 2017)

I was going through a tough stage in my life during which I felt that my heart was frozen and uninspired, my well of tears long dry, and I had a hard time talking to Hashem. “Shelach Li Koach” was like a piercing arrow slicing through the barriers of ice in my heart. I could not have conjured up these words of hope and prayer if I tried, too cold was my heart. But they articulated exactly what I wanted to express to Hashem. For me, the most striking words of the song were surely “Rak al tishbor li et halev,” for can a broken heart be broken even more? This song has opened up my heart again, allowing me to reattach myself to Hashem. I listen to this song again and again and sing my own heartfelt bakashos along.

—Leah M., London

Avremel’s Take

I’m sure your tefillos go straight to Shamayim, the way you’ve expressed yourself so honestly. I’m so happy to hear that the song helped you reconnect to Hashem. Let’s remember that neginah was created precisely for this reason: to help us connect. It’s amazing how different souls respond to different songs.

(Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 791)

Shelach Li Koach
Avraham Fried
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