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A Special Sister

"Can you help me bring some sunshine into her life by giving her the chance to play on a swing set like every other child?"
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I’d like to nominate my very special nine-year-old foster sister, Chedva.

Chedva came into my life one and a half years ago after the passing of her incredible foster mother.

She may be nine years old, but she’s the size of a small three-year-old due to her many medical complications. She’s very often oxygen- dependent and requires a ventilator at night; she’s also frequently hospitalized with severe pneumonia, sometimes remaining there for weeks or even months. Chedva has severe osteopenia, which means that she fractures her bones very easily (she’s currently in a cast from thigh down).

All of this doesn’t stop her from loving every second of life. She’s a real trooper, my sister, always smiling, laughing, cracking jokes, and making sure  everyone around her is happy. The doctors and nurses fight over who is going to care for her, as she makes everyone feel so loved.

I would love to make her day by giving her a swing set. She loves going to parks, but they’re just too dangerous for her. Besides the worries about germs, any push from another child could result in fractured bones. I know it’s my parents’ dream to build one, but there are so many necessary expenses that come first!

Chedva brings sunshine into the world just by waking up each morning; can you help me bring some sunshine into her life by giving her the chance to play on a swing set like every other child?

—Shaindy Unger



We’re all in when it comes to making people’s day, and when those people are as cute as Chedva, and from a family as loving as hers, well then, we like to go all out. We immediately knew who to turn to and reached out to Swing It Playsets, a brand we know is committed to safe, healthy, developmentally appropriate fun — exactly what Chedva and her family need!

“When I read the letter written by a girl looking out for her younger sister, it immediately struck a chord,” says Rachel Fried, sales manager of Swing It Playsets. “I posted the request on the management chat, and within seconds my phone was blowing up with a resounding YES! from everyone. We’ve worked with the Make a Wish foundation a lot — a playset is every child’s dream come true —but this was the first time we were playing a sponsorship role in making someone’s wish come true.

“We’ve been in business for almost 20 years, creating playsets for residential and commercial properties, schools, shuls, camps, and more, from the east to the west coast. We have all sorts of options, from low-budget to extravagant custom playsets, and once we’re gifting Chedva a playground, we’d love to give her one customized to fit her preferences.”

Malki, Chedva’s foster mother: When my daughter told me to check my email, my heart started racing…. In my wildest dreams I didn’t imagine that you could make this request come true! I opened this email on a hard day — our nurse was out with Covid — but just the thought of the swing set got me through the long day. I’m completely overwhelmed with emotion. Thank you!


(Originally featured in Family First, Issue 760)

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