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A Heaping Scoop: Issue 791

In a Nutshell:
Stuffed Portobello Caps

I didn’t eat mushrooms for the first three decades of my life, and now I’m making up for it by having them almost every day. One of my favorite meals is to take cleaned portobello caps and stuff them with cooked wild rice, sautéed onions, and spinach, and top with marinara and plant-based cheese. I roast them at high heat for 10 to 15 minutes. Very different, very delicious, and a nice change from the usual starch and animal proteins!

—Sarah Faygie Berkowitz

Just Sayin’

What’s your favorite spring vegetable to cook with?

I love snap peas and often use them in stir-fries. They’re healthy, sweet, and just as good raw in salads.

—Faigy Grossman

FT, help me!!

How do you reheat leftover grilled steak?

Bring meat to room temperature. Try to put it near a heat source, but not directly on it. If you’d like, you can microwave it for 30 seconds.

—Rivky Kleiman

Ok, Quick:

Hot sandwich or cold?

Hot! And specifically Zak the Baker’s tuna melt, if you’d ever like to bribe me.

—Michal Frischman

Must try

We recently tried Tajín, a chili lime spice from Mexico, and now my family has been putting it on everything! Tajín seasoning is tangy, salty, and not very spicy. It has a citrusy taste with a subtle chili flavor — and it’s great on both sweet and savory foods.

—Esti Vago


(Originally featured in Family Table, Issue 791)

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