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Where Goes the Genizah


“Time to sort through the magazines!” Mommy announced one morning, a week before Pesach. Strictly speaking, magazine-sorting isn’t really Pesach-cleaning, but for some reason, in our house this job is done Erev Pesach. It may not be biur chometz, but it’s still an important mitzvah.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

What happens when a siddur or Chumash becomes torn or tattered and cannot be used any longer? Or when a magazine contains a page of divrei Torah? It should go into the genizah.

When we sorted through the pile of Mishpacha Juniors, we looked for any divrei Torah, such as those found on the Parshah Page, and stories of Chazal. We also looked through the seforim closet for torn seforim that can no longer be used, and for loose papers that had psukim in Hebrew written on them. We also placed our school notebooks containing divrei Torah or psukim in the genizah pile.

Mommy gathered the genizah into a bag, gave me some money, and asked me to put the bag in the genizah container that’s next to our shul, and to put the coins in the special slot for them, in the side of the genizah container. (I live in Israel. I believe that in other countries, shuls have a genizah container.)

It wasn’t easy to get such a big bag into the genizah container. Probably, many families are busy with checking their newspapers in this way, Erev Pesach, and so it was full to overflowing.

“The genizah container is almost full,” I told Mommy, when I got back home.

“Don’t worry,” Mommy assured me. “The Genizah Committee will take care of it.”

What is the job of the Genizah Committee?


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