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Rochel Gross

Teves is the tenth month (counting from Nisan). The Yidden brought the name “Teves” with them from Bavel. Rosh Chodesh This year there are two days Rosh Chodesh, because the preceding month of Kislev had thirty days. However, during years where Kislev is only twenty-nine-days long, Rosh Chodesh Teves is only one day. Mazel of the Month The mazel of Teves is g’di, a goat, for it is a time when goats graze in the fields.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

8 Teves

During the era of the Second Beis HaMikdash, Talmai the king of Greece took seventy-two chachamim, placed each one in a separate building, and instructed them to translate the Torah into Greek.

Translating the Torah was a very, very difficult task for several reasons. Lashon hakodesh is unlike any other language. Every word of the Torah has many different meanings on many levels. When the Torah is translated into another language, only one of its many faces is revealed — that of pshat, the literal meaning. The Torah’s depth and secrets cannot possibly be grasped. What a painful job it was for these great talmidei chachamim to present the Torah in such simplicity.

Additionally, the chachamim knew that Talmai had separated them for he wanted to trip them up and catch them with differing translations. They needed nothing short of a miracle for all of them to translate the Torah in the exact same way, especially as they made several changes to psukim that could have been misunderstood by non-Jews. And indeed, they merited that miracle, and all seventy-two translations were identical!


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