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Sweet Dreams!

Ruchie Bromberg

Did you stay up all night last week on Shavuos? That must have seemed exciting and fun. You might feel that sleep is a waste of time, and you might not understand why your parents are making you go to sleep so early. Every night, before we go to sleep, we say the pasuk, “Hinei lo yanum velo yishan, Shomer Yisrael — He does not sleep nor slumber, the Guardian of Israel”. Hashem is the only Being that does not sleep. Every other living being and creature sleeps.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Imagine that your body is like a car. In the morning, it fills up with gas. It has a full tank so that it has the energy to keep going throughout the day. As the day progresses, it slowly empties and you need to refill the gas. Sleep is the “gas” that gives us energy for the following day. Without sleep, you feel tired and sluggish.

So now we can understand how important it is to go to sleep. Sometimes, though, you might have trouble falling asleep. Why does this happen?

It could happen for many different reasons.

  • A major change in your life can cause you to be worried and anxious. That will make it difficult for you to relax and fall asleep. If, for example, you move to a new house, or if chas v’shalom someone is sick in your family, or if you go through any other major changes, you might have difficulty falling asleep.
  • If you are worried about something like a test in school, a project, a fight with a friend, or other things like that, that can also affect your ability to fall asleep.
  • If you are feeling uncomfortable, too cold, hot, or hungry, it will be hard to fall asleep.
  • Sometimes, if you’re feeling scared, you will have trouble falling asleep. If you are worried about a noise or being in the dark, then that makes it difficult to fall asleep. Usually, though, as you get older, these worries go away by themselves.
  • It might be difficult to fall asleep when you are afraid of having a scary dream.


So what should you do when you are in bed and are trying to fall asleep and you can’t?


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